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The salesman workflow


A foreign trade business workflow:

1. Arrange quotation:

According to different customer enquiries, offer relevant information.Among them, the quotation for export products mainly include: the quality of the product level, product specifications, product whether there is special packaging requirements, different levels of the purchased products, the requirements of delivery time, mode of transportation of the product, the material of products, etc.All formal quotation sheet should be printed and signed by the manager of the archive.

2. Processing samples:

Make a detailed sample list, to the factory for samples, to avoid factory mistake proofing.After received the sample, should check the sample size, and picture quality, ensure that sent samples with quotations, can according to the production.The other, to have the sample of the factory cost negotiation with factories and customers.To send the sample fee, with the customer consultation, negotiation is not the case, report to the superior, to reach a solution.Send me samples to record relevant to send information, in order to timely tracking and after check.

3. The order (contract) :

Trade after the two sides agreed on quotation, the buyer of the business enterprise official order and some related issues and the seller to negotiate, mutual recognition, need to sign the purchase contract.In the process of signing the purchase contract, mainly for the name of commodity, specifications, quantity, price, packing, origin, time of shipment, terms of payment, payment, claim and arbitration in talks, and the agreement after talks to "purchase contract".Contracts required by the business and manager approval and fill in the "export contract review form" (order tracking table), as far as possible to all sorts of expected costs are listed.Typically, sign the purchase contract in duplicate by the two parties cover the company official seal to take effect, each save a copy. 

4. Collect the deposit or l/c:

4.1: if the customer's L/C payment, usually 1 month before delivery to confirm the L/C has been received, after receiving the L/C should be salesman and documentation specialist review the L/C, respectively, to check whether there is a mistake, the delivery date can guarantee, and other possible problems, should immediately ask a guest to change card if you have any questions. 

4.2: if it is T/T payment of customer, to confirm the deposit has to account.

5. The domestic production orders:

On receipt of your l/c or advance payment under the premise of began to stock up.According to the order production plan list, after examination and approval, to the production department to production.If necessary, shall be under the barcode sticker production order to factory at the same time, this kind of print should ask the factory to provide times, and make sure the scanning OK, lest affect the shipment.

6. Tracing and inspection:

In the process of stock, the production of synchronized production progress report, the production of finished products warehouse registration, so that the business staff to grasp the whole order production schedule.Generally one week before delivery, inform qc inspection company.As the customer designated personnel inspection.Will make the delivery date two weeks ago with the inspection, the inspection booking time, ensure arranged before delivery time.After will inform the factory inspection time.

Note: each new product shipment, need to have big goods sample purpose.

7. Rent a boat booking:

7.1. The stock at the same time, if the promissory note business not for the customer designated forwarder, to freight forwarder

Price, determine the shipment forwarder company.

7.2, all of the goods after the production, packaging, the production department to make the packing list, business personnel according to the packing list to us, combined with the contract and the l/c the goods detail description, list the warehouse notice.Usually in the sail


Can get reserved paper a week ago. 

7.3, storage and transportation department according to the notice, the factory system documents of the packing list, l/c uniform made out a full set of shipment documents.Shipment documents including the list of export goods, export goods declaration form, commercial invoice, packing list.

7.4, document storage and transportation department to fax the list of export goods to the forwarder company for vessel booking, after confirm with the ship and cost, to prepare a full set of customs declaration form according to (list of export goods, customs a power of attorney, export goods declaration form specified in the verification, commercial invoice, packing list, export, etc.) to us for customs declaration, shipment forwarder;

7.5, after confirm with ship forwarder company and expenses, receive forwarder company delivery notice (before the specified date will be the goods shipped to the designated warehouse).

8. Inspection:

National legal commodity inspection products need to get the commodity inspection certificate.Shall generally be in the delivery inspection replacement voucher/article a week ago.The goods after the inspection, attached inspection declaration a power of attorney, the export contract, the l/c copy, commercial invoice, packing list, the carton card our inspection bureau issue a replacement certificate and other documents, send to the forwarder company for customs clearance.

9. Claims for verification:

Documents list personnel on the strength of the export goods in the company for verification.

10. Export customs declaration:

In towing tank at the same time, the information needed for customs declaration to the customs broker cooperation, entrusted export customs declaration and customs clearance in single inspection.Usually to customs to set aside two days (ship) before cut off.

After 10.1 documents department to get the verification sheet, the forwarder company needed for the customs declaration a power of attorney, the export goods declaration form specified in the verification, export, commercial invoice, packing list, sales contract by express mail.Contact and confirm the forwarding company received the above documents.

10.2 the company responsible for the inspection will be sent to forwarder company inspection replacement voucher, forwarding company received by the commodity inspection replacement voucher, to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau for outbound goods declaration form.

10.3 the company according to our forwarder company delivery notice to deliver the goods on time warehouse designated by the company.After customs declaration by forwarder company to arrange the container cargo to the shipping company designated terminal.

11. Payment:

11.1. Ready to file: urge the shipping company to create a template of the bill of lading and freight bill as soon as possible.Check the sample carefully, after having confirmed to ship company written confirmation of the bill of lading content.If the bill of lading to the guest confirmation, need to fax the bill of lading samples to the guest, after confirmation and ask for the original shipping companies.And at the same time to prepare other documents (commercial invoice/general certificate of origin, packing list, etc.).

11.2 / p:

By L/C proceeds shall be within the prescribed time/p, prepare all the documents, and strictly on the list, make sure there are no mistakes, only pay the bank for negotiation. 

Adopts the T/T proceeds in a fax of the bill of lading to the guest immediately after get the bill of lading payment, confirmed by the balance after the original bill of lading and other documents sent to the guests. 

12. Cancel after verification drawback:

Generally within 90 days from the date of declaration of cancel after verification, cancel after verification, the company may declare tax rebates to revenue.

13. Business registration/archive:

After completion of every single export business in to do the registration in time, including computer and written registration, to facilitate future query, statistics, etc.

14. After problem handling:

The export products for export products supplier reason wrong/hair/leakage was found to be of poor quality lead to customers, quality, quantity, claims business personnel should handle in time.

Note: the above matters relating to the business process: 1/2/3/4/5/6/12/13/14, and should be customs personnel closely work with documents, handle the relevant transition, so as not to cause problems.


2. The existing customer maintenance and development of new customers:


1. The existing customer relationship maintenance

1) handle the order and claim, to guarantee the delivery time and product quality, the relationship between the coordination with the customer

2) timely formulate corresponding to the key customer promotions and preferential policies, and provide a certain degree of guang xuan support, create good corporate and brand image.

3) in major holidays abroad, need to send an e-card to show greeting.

4) in a timely manner to provide customers our latest product information and product catalogue.

2. The development of new customers

Through the exhibition, network, visit the market and other ways to exploit market, find new customers.


3. Other related duties:


1. In charge of foreign affairs reception

2. Build customer file, file, quality information feedback form and for export goods standing books.And the technology status of every order table for backup, proforma invoice, sales contract and accessories, for the reference.

3. Pay attention to market dynamic and collect related products and market information, statistics, sorting, archiving.

4. Submit monthly/quarterly report and annual summary.

5. Pay attention to continuously improve the salesman's own knowledge and accomplishment.