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Customs declaration work process

A, export customs declaration process

1. The general trade

A. according to the information collection, need to know which ticket priority to declare

B. sorting according to customs declaration, fill the customs declaration form, general need the packing list, verification sheet, invoice, packing list, contract, a power of attorney, some still need customs form, license, etc., which votes less what documents must have the number in your heart

C.E DI entry, some companies have special operators, or in other companies with EDI system entry, you have to do is give the completed declaration form (grass) operator, operator after the entry will be to print a check the EDI declaration form to you, as then you check carefully. 

D. query export dock planner manifest, some need to query in the computer in the hall at the customs, others can query in the EDI system, only have a dock planner manifest, customs declaration can be sent, otherwise the system will automatically return single

E. determine how dock planner manifest after send verification of electronic data, when the system prompts the single received single print formal paper declaration form

F. binding according to customs declaration, affix one's seal

I. binding documents: the order of the binding documents from top to bottom for the shipping orders (commonly known as the cargo paper) at work, at the end of the single.Bottom single packed together, the cargo paper book on bottom single alone, have a license to the original license and order goods under the sheets of paper together and then order on bottom single, bottom sheet respectively the two league before customs declaration, invoice, packing list, contract, in which good a power of attorney (not entrust themselves), a customs form write customs declaration on customs form number (some officials who don't ask don't write), licensed fill the license according to the requirement and the second copy into the bottom sheet. 

II. Seal: chapter cover paper corner under the cargo customs declaration, in order to release time to find their own documents.Chapter chapter first customs declaration cover for customs declaration, customs clearance, some customs also requires cover reviewers chapter;Chapter declaration form in the second chapter cover customs clearance, customs declaration, because want to pay the domestic general trade export tax, so the customs declaration form the second league to put a tax rebate voucher (with the exception of the incoming material), and then chapter between the tax rebate vouchers and customs declaration with customs declaration, the power of attorney affixed with customs declaration and official seal

G. pass single: number of goods to write on the paper declaration form to query the release information, scan line up waiting for the order number, after the customs audit and correct, release the chapter will build good customs clearance of the goods under the paper back, first have a license to put along with it, this is why the above requirements so binding documents, retrieve the goods under the computer in the paper to the customs hall after release information, such as according to release the cargo paper can pay, if not release can make the customs computer system problems need to pick a single machine, anew to machine don't have to queue.As for goods under the paper, a method, a company very much here

H. if there are any inspection, the customs will get the inspection window, issued by the inspection sheet, have seen you with the inspection list and customs declaration according to go to the inspection site inspection, the inspection no problem can be directly release

2. The processing trade, processing trade and general trade, but much more manual, electronic account books no paper manuals, so gives sheet is not attached to the manual, paper manuals need to fill in according to the requirement of the handbook, gives sheet after the customs verification manual will refund to you

3. There are various ways to export trade, with most general trade and processing trade.

4. Because export involves drawback, so at a certain time also need to print rebates, print rebate coupon to LTD shall only apply to print (general enterprise homemade printing table), general trade for the league (white) on the collection of tax rebates (yellow), incoming to proceeds to copies (green), the feed to collect tax rebates and manual coupon (powder), will be printed paper drawback chapters stamped with customs declaration and customs clearance delivery the customs issue, based on the customs stamp YanQiZhang after get back.


Second, the import customs clearance process

1. The import tax, import tax and a lot of, here are most of the normal tax and tax, after first put the normal tax, needless to say, just pay the money to pick up the goods, first put the tariff is to pick up the goods first then pay tax, as for the difference, the text will be explained below 

B. put before tax and a tax on almost normal, but the customs to release the release after issuance of tax, issued by the normal tax bill customs hall computer display pay taxes and fees, and put the first tariff has been released.But customs to retrieve FuHuiLian lacked the YanQiZhang, pay taxes and tax to add

C. manual or free table aren't so trouble, don't have to pay the taxes and fees, direct release is ok