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Security responsibility

In order to strengthen the security management, in order to give full play to the word of responsibility and sense of responsibility, make each player to his business, to better serve the company, will now and responsibility to carry out the following:

The gate post responsibilities

1. The attendant must be polite, warm and generous, dignified, stand guard at all military posture, with factory department leadership or in and out of the vehicle, the customer, all want to salute.At the same time, to vehicle access must have direct action, action to clean, standard and correct.

2. When foreign vehicles into the factory, to inquire into the factory objective, to register again, according to "visit note" written content is clear, and then according to the number of issue guest visit card according to the facts.

3. The name, unit, for visitors to inquire visit surveyed departments, contact surveyed people first, after confirmed by surveyed people allow to register again to issue the guest visit card, unfamiliar to surveyed location, attendant should patience guidance, such as looking for office staff, place, and I do not know the watchman should bring to customers.

4. The factory (including motorcycle) to check people and goods, except through the truck, other factory car or outside the start, all the crates.Goods out, must hold a valid article the release and check the quantity and the actual quantity on the release pass are consistent, and repaid in the guest's visit to the card.

5. Our factory vehicles to enter, such as the accompanying with customers, also want to register, contact clear rear can release, and distribution of the guest's visit to the certificate (only guest visit card, VIP visit) without registering, all visitors go out (including temporary) to withdraw the guest's visit to the card.

6. Taxi should inquire into the factory for the purpose, and indicate the route, and told the parking place.Can not contact the surveyed taxi waiting outside the factory gate.

7. The management of the vehicles such as government, including the municipal government, public security, procuratorates, city labor bureau, the fire department and other government authorities vehicles can be briefly inquire into the factory purpose, depending on the situation as soon as possible contact departments, such as a link, can let its advanced factory, according to the need, can take to counter the lobby waiting, will the customer contact and told the front desk.

Below 8. It is forbidden to employees (including managers) from the door to work out, holding A except for motorcycle.

Before 9. Pay attention to the office, can not have sundry to stay, without the consent of the manufacturer, anyone is not allowed in the factory and factory gate company within the factory.Foreign send unit to send samples, goods, materials and so on to have registered, indicating time, receiving attendant, receiving department, etc., in addition to timely contact receiving department to come and collect.

10. Pay attention to outside the factory for this case, supervise the factory staff disciplinary, determined to do a good job of "four precautions".

11. The guest should prevent the transceiver tabulation, handover clear, in case of lost or cannot be brought back, should be timely find charged against the department head signature (lost to fill in the missing approval if necessary) and track.

12. Without consent shall not be disclosed the company trade secrets or the technical secret or company important documents, shall not disclose the names of the company, head of the relevant departments of foreign personnel, extension and other conditions.

13. The correct command all vehicles into the factory gate, must be stopped at the yellow line for registration, inspection, offenders can stop them.

14. Night must do the safety according to the system of office buildings, must be in office for two to three times a night patrol, pay attention to office safety hidden danger and the power switch (including air conditioning).

15. Make a record on duty that day, if there are special circumstances, can inform his commander or squadron and, shall not withhold or omission.

16. Post health to do well, including the storage of items, on duty supplies the use of transition, to ensure that the environmental hygiene.

17. A holiday and rest time, pay attention to in name only office personnel in and out of the situation.

18. Complete services task order, complete, timely and correctly business unit leader for the assigned task must be enforced, supervision and good, bulletproof.

Warehouse safety personnel responsibility

1. The warehouse personnel, objects, vehicles are frequent, on duty in the process, must be highly vigilant, on the other, undocumented workers, or suspicious objects and vehicles shall be full check, found that the problem report asap.

2. On duty personnel should be familiar with warehouse environment and internal structure, fire fighting equipment distribution warehouse.

3. Correct disorderly parking place containers of all kinds of vehicles, and guide the driver the container are not familiar with the environment, to the warehouse to handle the formalities of the container.

4. Shipment loading area must have a clear identity, no not loading the vehicle into the loading area, and irrelevant personnel near the first.This warehouse personnel shall not enter, if there is need to go to work, such as firefighters, QC inspector, security patrol, supervisor level above personnel, etc.) must present plant registration or other valid documents, confirmed rear can enter.

5. All access personnel must wear a plant, guest's visit to the certificate or temporary certificate, inside can not carry kindling, weapons, such as contraband into, out of the warehouse when the rolls items shall not be carried out.

6. The goods must be registered at the time of the warehouse, at the same time, in conjunction with the QC, finished product warehouse delivery head check packing list the name, quantity, specifications, etc., confirms to rear can install ark, install ark in three-way joint monitoring with seals on the container door seal, and the finished product warehouse release pass approval issued by the director.

7. Together with the warehouse clerk share control of goods in and out and inventory status, make regular visits, counting, auditing and other related matters.

8. The finished product warehouses, such as found physical and single fill in data transceiver with asynchrony, should fill in the table of the materials in and out of the changes and submit, head of the counter-terrorism review, agree and will take effect only after signed the release.

9. "four" prevention work, such as the discovery of fire, theft and other accidents, should immediately report and actively take decisive and effective safety measures, to stop or according to the system of the development of the accident.

10. Do a good job in warehouse tour around to door, window, water, electricity, gas is not regular inspections, implement relevant safety inspection work.

11. Forbid anyone to smoke in this area, pay attention to the surrounding environment of fire control safety hidden trouble, timely finding and reporting, completes the fire prevention work.

12. Make a record on duty and hand-over formalities.

Patrol duty responsibility

1. The rangers must abide by the "security code", "public security management regulations and hereby and other laws and regulations, do according to the chapter on duty, civilization mount guard.

2. Implement the 24-hour patrol system, the frequency of the press 1 time/hour patrol and patrol record.

Dexterity, 3. The rangers must constantly change the way patrol, direction, the route and time, take the way of dark FuMing tour when necessary.

4. Periphery patrol range includes factory, factory in every building and so on.

Patrol 5. Mainly includes: whether the damaged buildings and walls, is in line with the safety requirements, whether to have fight, fight, fight, riots and other disciplinary event, whether to fire, theft and other sudden emergencies, and promptly report to the captain.

6. The living quarters patrols assists tube according to the requirements of "four precautions" work and dormitory management regulations for safety patrol.

7. Maintain staff queue and order at the dinner table.

8. Supervise in the factory the staff disciplinary, to solve the problem, timely report to the superior.

Warehouse responsibility

1. Must always remain on high alert, on the other, without a license or suspicious objects should be asked about, remedy, such as gross case report in a timely manner.

2. Be familiar with warehouse peripheral environment and the building construction of the rolls, fire equipment distribution and goods in mass storage conditions, etc.

3. The timing of the patrol warehouse perimeter security situation, completes the opposite door, window, water, electricity, gas and other related safety inspection work.

4. Prohibited personnel in and out of the special circumstances, such as in and out, must show valid documents, confirmed rear can into.

5. "four" prevention work, such as the discovery of fire, theft and other accidents should immediately report and actively take resolute and effective measures, to prevent or control the development of the accident.

6. The on-duty records, earnestly and handover procedures.