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Business department job responsibilities

Business center under the leadership of the general manager, responsible for the department work plan to carry out the supervision feedback, the performance evaluation system, the enterprise operation management and process optimization, public relations and brand management, enterprise operating level of training and development and so on five big aspects:

A, each department work plan to carry out the supervision and feedback

(1) human resources (by the hr department) :

A, human resource planning and implementation.

B, the situation of the management of human resources information, including human resources situation of statistical analysis and reporting, personnel files, contract renewal, and so on and so forth.

C, recruitment, dismissal and deployment procedure is in compliance with company requirements.

D, the new personnel training work.

E, company's monthly, year-end assessment method, phase, and the implementation.

F, salary policy is in line with the standard, welfare policy is in line with the headquarters, the business expenses and subsidies.

(2) office management (by administration department) :

A, ZunZhangShouJi, office discipline.

B, office environment and the health situation.

C, office supplies.

D, rental and management.

E, office statistics, in charge of the books.

F, other departments daily attendance work, including attendance, vacation and leave, sick leave, personal leave, overtime please condition, absenteeism, etc;

G, the fixed assets management work, including the purchase of fixed assets, storage use, maintenance, scrap, etc.;

H, vehicle management, including the driver qualification, vehicle use, daily consumption, storage, maintenance, etc.;

I, confidential work, including all kinds of confidential documents and issued by the company shall confidential files (plans, reports, sales reports, advertising design, training materials).Not permission, shall not copy without permission.

J, reasonable fees approval, usage.

(3) each department work plan execution by each department (fit)

1, each work plan to conclude and communicate.

2, to implement the work plan.

3, execution effect feedback, including urged, rectification, perfecting the work.

4, other duties assigned by the superior leadership and supervision, and supervisory matters.

(4) the sales case field inspections

Including sales department daily reception process, the conference process, the dormitory health, declare examination system, sales target, sales data, settlement data inspection, sales in the collapsed houses, estate planning, etc.

Second, the performance evaluation system

Combined with the human resources department, in collaboration with other departments performance evaluation system, the key performance data collection department and work target completion, participate in the performance evaluation of functional departments work;Based on field project completion node, each case to participate in the performance evaluation.

Three, enterprise operation management and process optimization

A, according to company quality standards, set rules and measures to optimize the related systems of enterprises, responsibilities, work process and other such matters for revision of the company system, perfect and awarded, execution, advice, and so on and so forth.Check the working process of each link in time, found the problem immediately urged those responsible timely rectification, ensure the normal operation of the company each work.

B, team building: 1, the organization and post Settings;2, the division of responsibilities defined detail situation;3, internal communication and collaboration.

C, corporate culture construction, and performance: 1, the employee of the company enterprise culture of learning, understanding;2, enterprise culture including spirit of enterprise and enterprise style, etc.3, enterprise cultural activities planned.

Four, public relations and brand management

Responsible for assist leader to finish the daily maintenance of external public relations and public relations dredge, continuously improve the image of the company as a whole.

Five, the enterprise operating level of training and development

For enterprise operating level of the work needs, for employees, middle managers to carry out the enterprise culture, career development, and quality promotion aspects of training and development.