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The ministry of foreign trade manager responsibility

1, program management,

1.1, responsible for annual and monthly target plan and summary, and reported to general manager;

1.2 and be responsible for the management of the marketing performance, and to supervise subordinate salesman for statistics, classification and archiving;

1.3, responsible for the supervision department for the marketing target of execution, and the monthly sales performance are summarized;

1.4, be responsible for checking the sample application, application of special reported to general manager for approval;

1.5, is responsible for the daily management of department, the department clerk under three days (including three days), for leave to go out and so on carries on the examination and approval;

1.6, reasonable arrange shipment plan, contact the customs clearance, container trailer, etc., in order to reduce the transportation cost;

1.7, is responsible for the complete required to export all kinds of certificate application, establish a complete set of foreign trade documents;

2, information and intelligence management

2, 1, be responsible for the implementation of market research and prediction work, formulate prepared strategy;

2, 2, is responsible for formulating dealings customer name book registration management system, and guide their implementation;

2, 3, is responsible for according to the instructions, general manager of export price quotation system, and guide their implementation;

3, performance management,

3.1, according to the marketing plan, and comply with the implementation of the administration department for examination;

3.2, responsible for this department post responsibility system, improve the service quality of the marketing staff;

3.3, responsible for completed on schedule monthly up recovery;

3.4, responsible for the most efficient transaction processing method, and regularly review;

4, foreign management

4.1, is responsible for according to market conditions, market information integration, and put forward relevant measures;

4.2, responsible for the sales contract, strengthen to perfect the monitoring of all kinds of contracts signed, the document;

4.3, is responsible for communication and monitoring of large and medium-sized customers, completes the service tracking;

5, and other management

5.1, participate in or chair the meeting;

5.2, is responsible for the department of enterprise culture and management system;

5.3, responsible for dealing with marketing chores, and completes the marketing strategy of staff;

5.4, is responsible for the implementation of the subordinate personnel evaluation appraisal work;

5.5, responsible for completing the superior issued temporary tasks;

5.6, other work not mentioned above;