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Asupervisor responsibilities

(1) decided to company business policy and investment plan;

(2) electing and replacing directors, a decision about directors remuneration;

(3) the elections and replaced by the shareholders who represent the supervisors, determine the remuneration of supervisors;

(4) approved the report of the board of directors;(5) approval of the board of supervisors review report;

(6) approved the company's annual financial budget and final accounts;

(7) approved the company's profit distribution plans and plans to cover company losses;

(8) to increase or decrease the registered capital a resolution;

(9) a resolution to issuance of corporate bonds;

(ten) for the company merger, division, dissolution and liquidation matters as a resolution;

(11) to modify the company's articles of association;

(12) on the company's employment, dismissal decision accounting firm;

(13) review of laws, regulations and the company's articles of association shall be decided by the general meeting of shareholders of other matters.