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In 2017 foreign trade company work plans for economic and trade

In 2017, the company's goal is to realize the business than the 6% growth in 2016.Net profit growth of 6% over the previous year.In the above summary in order to ensure the smooth completion of the above goals.In 2017 foreign trade companies trade work plan focus on the following four aspects.

One, continue to emancipate the mind, changing ideas

1. To further strengthen the awareness of competition in the market the most expensive I speed up the pace of both sides, especially after our country all the way to establish area, all types of enterprises between the increasingly fierce competition, the survival and development of the company, put forward the serious challenge, evolution, survival of the fittest, we must accelerate the implementation from the traditional planned economy idea to take the market as the center of the change of the market economy concept, really set up strong sense of competition, trying to gain a foothold in the market competition.

2. Bold to emancipate the mind, change passive wait for proactive and aggressive.To overcome the past "buyer's market of foreign trade and economic cooperation, foreign boss calls the shots," the ideological understanding, take the initiative, the flexible work method, make friends one thousand ways to use a variety of relations, to open channels to collect information in line with the equality and mutual benefit, to the principle of foreign closely with strong province, the relationship between the city industry and cooperation, expand cooperation network of information network, with or without, as well as exchange of needed goods, friendly cooperation, common development of foreign economic and trade business.

Second, strengthen the global based on the guidance of the export-oriented economy to promote and strengthen the link between global companies and cooperation, further standardize and unified global work, export-oriented economy in 2017, the company to improve its own operating at the same time, the strengthening of global foreign economic work to coordinate and guide.

1. To strengthen the investment promotion work.Practice report proved positive introduction of foreign capital is lettuce transformation means of large and medium-sized enterprises, and to resolve the I most enterprises lack of funds, poor management, management, new factory building, quick-frozen food factory, xx hotel, office building and investment companies, such as through joint venture and cooperation situation such as the introduction of capital, technology and equipment and management experience, and reinvent JuShu large and medium-sized enterprises is x x.

2. To strengthen the coordination and management of joint venture established, should further by investigating a baseline, in-depth visits, to manage way to strengthen the business have been completed, coordination, management, a comprehensive grasp the preparation of a joint venture, business and foreign situation, summarize experience and lessons in time.Coordination, services, and earnestly to guide, to ensure the smooth development of global foreign economic work.

3. Timely communication, information transfer of foreign trade and economic cooperation, promote the joint between the global companies and cooperation, support each other, complementary advantages, and profits accounted for, the common development of foreign trade business.

Third, continue to operate in the country

1. Through various channels, more jobs, flexible to do a good job of labor export.Through the efforts of the last year we in the industry, has preliminary area breakthrough, the outdated for future output work created favourable conditions.In 2017, the company will continue to develop new markets, new field, new projects fluctuate.Efforts to explore the U.S. continue to explore through various channels, the united Arab emirates, South Korea, Africa, southeast Asia market.Type of work to further breakthroughs in catering industry boundaries in the industry, in the implementation of specific projects, in addition to the original labor export program earnestly.

2. Bold, careful management, continue to explore new way to trade.Next year, the ministry of trade in addition to good requirements continue to implement the green bean grain and oil sales business, such as also asked on the basis of fully do a good job in market research, to further broaden the supply and marketing channels, looking for new partners, expand the scope of business, increase business varieties, and actively preparing conditions, to carry out direct foreign trade business, big base.

3. Pay special attention to the company its own body.Right entity is the company's own development than by the way, in 2017, the company should strive with self-raised funds and the introduction of foreign capital to set up one or two less investment, quick effect, small entity, economic strength by expanding entity construction company, realize gather as much less, the development of the snowballing.

Four, strengthen enterprise financial management, strict enterprise management, the finance department plans in 2017 to continue to improve the financial management system, perfect the enterprise financial system, conscientiously implement the financial laws and regulations, strengthen the capital management, in particular to strengthen the management of advanced and notes, reimbursement of expenses points out system, strictly control spending, and continue to adhere to, a pen for examination and approval system, make the financial work plan to the next level.