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New employee training plan

1) the company and the products are easy to understand

Foreign trade salesman came to, he first to make a brief introduction of the working environment, and then give him a the company directory, then open the company's web site, asked him the first day of the time to learn about the company, and the product.

2) competitors and market analysis briefly

First details about the situation of a day, do some problems of the proposed solutions, and sum up a little.After a brief introduction of, understand the purpose of the products and related industries.Require the use of the time of day, find out the ten target of other countries and regions, the company's name, contact information, such as recorded in the notebook.

3) the deep understanding of the product

With the first and second day of training, have the relative knowledge of product, you can contact with some technical problems and more product model and standard.(if necessary to go to the factory)

Analysis of its main products and main advantages of our products.

And how to calculate the unit price is a basic concept.Then make a summary.

4) B - B website and search engine applications

For the first three days of training to be a small summary.A brief introduction of the structure of the B2B website, look for ways to send information and products of related matters, and its importance to do some instructions.Requirements for different B2B website as much as possible, on the basis of the manager for instructions, use the company's registered EMAIL, and release a TRADELEAD, and a PRODUCT.Your site name, site belongs to national, registered name, title information and products fill in the homemade in the table.

Then explain some of the techniques using the search engine to find customers, sending a form for recording for 20 different search engine, and the search engine websites, district, with the same number of keyword search results, what is the first result all records one by one on the table.In these search results for is made of the same product with our company, looking for open website, found the CONTACT INFORMATION, specific records in a customer tracking list.

5) the improvement of oral English ability

As a foreign trade business personnel, English speaking ability is necessary. New employees should be encouraged to take every opportunity to open more practice, there are some websites online, such as office each other speak English, listening to English songs.

6) telephone fax mail use skills and summary

EMAIL: requirements ready 3-4 different letters, you can send them to customers in each segment.And ask the carried the first message sent to supervisor and managers, find out deficiency and correct them.

Telephone and fax: the salesman use phone and fax as far as possible, so that we can better and faster to get customer specific information and reply.

7) the customer management and service system

Send an inquiry for the first time customer and regular customer to do for the record.Interested customers will track in a timely manner.And arrangement as required by the company to contact customers and make the corresponding service.In a timely manner to communicate with the rest of the salespeople to avoid client crashes.Each employee must send an email to the guest when cc a copy to the manager, so I can finish the work under the guidance of supervisor is more effective.

A week working summary, lays the foundation for doing business.