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What will be the future of the 2016 traditional foreign trade advantage?


With the opening of the program, the combat model is officially launched in 2017.Looking back at 2016, our economy is still developing smoothly, but the world economy is still recovering.In this economy, our traditional foreign trade advantage is also weakening, and the new competitive advantage remains to be formed.

Look back to the development of foreign trade in 2016

Back in 2016, our foreign trade development form remains uncertain and unstable.The economy is complicated.The country is also vigorously promoting the favorable development of foreign trade economy and achieving good results.

Our country foreign trade import and export value significantly decreased in the first quarter, second quarter to achieve stabilized, continue to achieve positive growth, three or four quarter the year before the present low after high and steady in the right direction.

According to the customs statistics, China's total goods exports totaled 24.33 trillion yuan in 2016, down 0.9% from 2015.Of these, the export of 13.84 trillion yuan, down 2%;Imports of 10.49 trillion yuan, up 0.6%;The trade surplus was 3.35 trillion yuan, closed at 9.1%.

We look forward to the development of foreign trade in 2017

As 2017 opens, the outlook for the world economy remains underpowered this year.Especially trump, foreign trade environment is faced with many uncertainties and destabilizing factors, however, as the G20 consensus gradually implement, the renminbi to join the SDR, and foreign trade supporting policies takes effect factors will support the smooth running of foreign trade.

The 2017 foreign trade structure will be continuously optimized

All the way in the "area" strategy implementation, as well as supply side to speed up structural reform policy, under the impetus of the development of foreign trade in China since 2016 in the import and export trade mode structure, the main product structure, market diversification, main body structure, the trade structure optimization and improvement, 2017 will continue and will continue to optimize, mainly manifested in the following five:

The first is that international market diversification has steadily advanced.Our country on the "bric" countries as well as other countries along the "area" rapid export growth and thus to be of great importance to the business development of foreign trade in the emerging world;

Second, the proportion of general trade is rising;

Third, the export of private enterprises is further promoted.Private economy is an important part of the national economy development, the development of the socialist market economy plays an important role, become a vital force to promote the growth of foreign trade, is an upgrading and implementation of trade products, promote trade patterns, the innovation of the important carrier of the formats.The higher proportion of private economic and trade, which means that the innovation capacity, the active level and the quality benefit of the foreign trade in our country;

Fourth, the export of a complete set of large equipment is accelerated.As the world's first manufacturing power in our country, along with the "going out" strategy implementation and strategy of "area", the enterprise large-scale foreign investment, overseas engineering construction, in the process of the implementation of the international cooperation capacity, effectively promoting the equipment manufacturing and high value-added products export;

Fifth, the new mode of foreign trade is actively developing.Cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and trade, foreign trade integrated service enterprises continue to maintain rapid growth, "production - service" one-stop industry alliance pattern begun to take shape.These emerging models are becoming new sources of growth in foreign trade.

The 2017 services trade will accelerate development

New trend appears in recent years, international trade and investment, China's foreign trade development entered the new stage, the domestic and foreign economic trade environment requires the transformation of the development mode of foreign trade in our country, promote foreign trade to accelerate the upgrade, vigorously promote the development of trade in services.

China's service trade has been growing rapidly since 2016.Export structure to optimize, trade in services innovation pilot areas good service import and export growth, the approval of the state council to carry out the trade in service innovation and development during the first half of the pilot of the 15 provinces, municipalities, regional service trade import and export accounts for the proportion of 47.5%, an increase of 0.8% over the previous year.

The new growth areas will be fostered by 2017

One is, to adapt to the international Internet, big data, intelligent manufacturing rapid development trend, choose smart appliances, smart phones and other products as a key product in the future China's trade in goods exports, through policy guidance and financial support, innovation, subsidies and other measures to vigorously support;

Second, encourage enterprises to actively implement the "going out strategy", the construction of the international marketing network, increase government funding support, and give play to the role of Canton fair and other platforms, strengthen economic and trade exchanges, industrial cooperation, swap park construction, promote the foreign trade from quantity expansion to quality improvement, strengthen trade great-power status.

2017 will support the development of emerging industries

2017 will vigorously implement the optimal into optimal out of foreign trade strategy, circulation upgrade strategy, domestic and international market integration strategy, speed up the development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, cross-border electricity, overseas warehouse, market procurement mode and new trade commerce, improve the efficiency of traditional trade.

One is, to promote cross-border e-commerce construction, strengthen the construction of business related customs clearance service platform system, improve the management of electronic payment system, speed up the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics services, and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce industry cluster, enhance the level of foreign cooperation of cross-border e-commerce;

Second, encourage the development of key cross-border e-commerce enterprises, attaches great importance to the new mode of foreign trade industry association, etc, comply with the foreign trade industry development trend, service enterprises as the core, build procurement, production, service integration, electronic information platform.

Three is, build a new type of "integration of foreign trade" system, foster internal combination, the management mode in line with international standards of commodity trading markets, in the main regional trade center has strong international influence of large-scale exhibition, supporting the construction of enterprise overseas marketing, logistics and warehousing for settlement of the network.

2017 will continue to use "One Belt And One Road" to boost exports

First, promote rational and orderly flow of various resources and configuration, stimulate the vitality of enterprises and potential, to support high-speed rail, nuclear power and other key areas of major engineering project cooperation, in order to increase the export of related equipment manufacturing goods;

Second, combining with our country enterprise development needs, and further intensify policy innovation, service innovation and regulation innovation, strengthen enterprise enhance the level of product quality, brand, technology, service consciousness, tries to build up a new foreign trade growth, improve product added value, a new competitive advantage and business models, improve the ability to develop the international market.

Facing the whole, in 2017 China's foreign trade environment is complex, but the tiger think breakthrough and innovation, beyond the traditional trade forms, is necessary to cope with the complexity of the environment strategy.Foreign trade enterprises need not only in terms of products, logistics, upgrades, more need to be in service, website experience, upgrade optimization on the marketing strategy.