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The foreign trade business development plans

Planning target: a breakthrough in foreign trade business company, develop the African market for the company

Planning implementation period: 12 months

Planning and implementation of steps:

A, collect customer information, competitor information collection, determine the target market customer development work.

Second, improve the company form a complete set of hardware and software, cooperate with foreign trade business development work.

Third, choose the appropriate promotion platform and organizing overseas exhibitions.

Fourth, all out for order confirmation

Fifth, control risk, achieve safe payment

Sixth, to ensure the production quality and schedule shipment on time

Seven, develop foreign trade team, consolidate old customers, develop new markets

Planning and implementation rules:

A. To collect customer information, competitor information collection, determine the target market customer development work.

Implement time: to be determined

1. Through the network search target area target customer list, create customer information database.

2. Analyze customer website, to understand the history of each client companies, capital position, business coverage area, supply of goods import area.

3. Investigate whether customer markets set up trade barriers, whether you need to enter relevant certification.

4. Learning English to introduce foreign counterparts customer products, improve their professional knowledge level and the company's web site.

5. Analyze customer site, from the introduction, the electronic sample design, target market positioning, image quality analysis of product quality requirements.

6. Investigate whether near the target client countries hold the professionalism of the exhibition industry, analyze customer source of purchasing channels and purchasing information.

7. Take contact email, phone and customer connection, test the response to the new supplier.

Summary: information gathering phase, make weekly and monthly work plan, and quantify completed, report to the superior once a month to work progress.

2. Improve the company form a complete set of hardware and software, cooperate with foreign trade business development work.

Implement time: to be determined

1. The arrangement of foreign trade salesman study fully understand factory history, factory strength, production capacity, personnel situation, let the salesman familiar

The company product production process, production line condition, plant size, etc.

2. Make the foreign trade salesman of this industry market conditions, competitors have a more clear understanding.

3. Arrange a sense of responsibility, attentive merchandiser work cooperate with foreign trade salesman, guarantee on time and pay the sample with good quality.

Big goods production before, during and after cooperate and to carry out the production, the improvement according to the requirements of foreign trade salesman, inspection and shipment.

4. Develop products guaranteed price list, convenient sales offer to the customer at any time, changes in raw materials, to make foreign trade clerk at the first time to get the basic price list, in order to response to customer inquiry.If there is no guaranteed price list, it needs to be foreign trade salesman consulting in 1 hour to get written or email way to determine the price.

5. Beautifully made the product sample, when for the time and send the samples to the customer.

Production site of Africa, can fully display the products of the company, the company strength, in order to promote let more customers understand our company through the network, strengthen the truth in my company in the customer heart, strengthen the idea of customers to cooperate with our company.

6. The company handling of emergencies, the ability of emergency events?In case of customer special custom products, for design and production needs time.

7. View a continuous infusion of foreign trade to the worker on a regular basis. Make it clear to the workers that they just earn wages for themselves, from their hands out a product on behalf of the company's image, after out on behalf of the state of the face, do not affect the national image.Let the production of the foreign trade products from psychological value due to a height.

8. Confirm company goods export customs declaration

Company exports is its export customs declaration, who is with the customs broker, should be told to the foreign trade agent to submit the documents

Cooperate with customs clearance document.If outsourced, foreign trade salesman outsourcing customs broker should be told, contacts, in order to cooperate.

Forwarder cargo shipment is outsourcing, should inform the forwarder company, contacts, so that the foreign trade agent to submit the documents with the goods

My mouth.Product is the need for the commodity inspection, what is needed for the inspection of department is responsible for, who to contact.


Third, choose the appropriate promotion platform and organizing overseas exhibitions.

Implement time: to be determined

1. Do the international gold supplier in alibaba, increase a company's network showcase, display products, image,

Query the customer enquiries, customer information, foreign trade training resources and so on.In the vast network of more than a show window just one more chance,

Choice of alibaba, the reason is: the price is not too expensive, each industry will shout alibaba in the United States and Europe is big

Amount of human capital of publicity, this is also indirectly do the advertising for suppliers, increase the chance of inquiry.

2. The foreign trade salesman according to through Google, yellow pages, buyers data collected customer data, email marketing, telephone communication.

3. Foreign trade salesman through Internet survey rival foreign quotation, try to touch their bottom line clearly, make foreign quotation know.

4. By looking at the domestic competition, Taiwan, Hong Kong company where to go to the exhibition, show what.

To see Europe and the United States company, especially the well-known companies in which the exhibition booth.

Follow up strategy, in a first analyzes various exhibition, in order to choose the appropriate exhibition participation through overseas orders.

Four, all out for the European and American high-end orders

Implement time: to be determined

1. Exhibition preparation work:

According to 10 months of development through a network of customers, and sent me the sample inquiry, not inquiry sent company exhibition information and invite them to show to negotiate my company booth exhibition.

Prepare samples:

According to 10 months on the analysis of the European and American customers, choose suitable for their market sales of products as the sample, and pass

Had collected the customer wants to do the latest version of the product samples, no samples can do first when TuHai with 3 d design for the exhibition

Recommend waiting for customers.

Prepare products catalogue publicity materials such as:

2 months before the exhibition all new catalogue should be printed out, use the 300 to give in on the exhibition

The customer to our booth before, and to the customer to the business card, keep 100 this special offer into the booth to discuss clients.

The English name card two months before the finished printing. 

Prepare 300 advertisement pen printed on company website and LOGO as a small gift for the customer.

Prepare 200 CDS burn electronic directory, in the exhibition hall to the customer, CD 2 yuan a piece, is much cheaper than print.

To prepare notebook two sets, completes the company of audio data, one in the exhibition hall is repeated playback, attract customers.

A is used to store business information, such as product pictures, price list, technical drawings, parameters, such as calling for negotiation.

After 10 months of investigation to determine the need to do certification, finished before participating into the European and American markets need certification, don't have to do all products.

If the price is not too expensive, do a product certification, customer needs can be reply is applying for other products.

2. Work in the exhibition:

Backbone of foreign trade salesman enthusiasm to attract customers to visit our booth and enthusiasm professional reception, for one year time to prepare and study, for the product and customer knowledge, professional response to customer's conversation was already is not a problem.Do the price, as far as possible at the scene to determine the order.Show the boss or manager must be accompanied by the industry of senior professionals, in order to deal with purchasing veteran diao has question.Negotiate with customer to use notebook record when negotiating points, content, record customer requirement.

When a customer into the hall, the backbone of the salesman, when serving customers cannot cope with deputy agent shall be responsible for the reception to customers as long time stay in the exhibition hall, as the backbone of the salesman to win time.

Staff pay attention to the surrounding rivals booth, accompanied by recorded, so that their bottom line home survey and strength.

If the customer is not much suitable for in the exhibition, the salesman to record on the day of the reception customer, as soon as possible and make statistics.Such as the business card with stapler set to the notebook, and in the book on the needs of customers, characteristics.Two days before the end of the exhibition, sold to all products in the local light. 

3. After the show to follow up:

Show ended after returning in 3 days time to straighten out the customer information, gives the key customers and key customers, successive general customers

Follow up.The first time to deal with at the fair confirmed quotation, orders for customers, email contact, and electricity at the same time

To follow up.According to the progresses in the exhibition hall to discuss the customer's intentions for the first phase may orders, in order to calculate intention

The real conversion rate, statistical costs and benefits.

Surveys show competitor may offer, some information may be collected through a number of ways.

After customer set samples, sample order list, sample out schedule, one to one correspondence service clients, and take photos to confirm.

2 to 3 months after customer participation will ask the factory to visit and cooperation, the company should be prepared to receive work.

Backbone salesman is responsible for understanding customer travel arrangements, reception customer talks, discuss the project, whether you need the boss to attend, etc.

Customers to visit the factory, the company health as far as possible to deal with, especially in the bathroom to clean, this is the place where the most easy to ignore.

Exhibition after 5 to 6 months after six months of negotiations, the original intention of the client's basic our order will be coming down, now need to production department to make the production schedule, so that the backbone of the salesman to understand the status of the factory production, commercial invoice to the customer to do when you deliver time, especially when you need to make payment by l/c, the production time must be accurate, and can't delay.

Fifth, control risk, achieve safe payment

Confirm that the company can accept the payment of T/T 30% deposit a bottom line?T/T 50% deposit?Settlement of balance payment before delivery or can accept payment after shipment customers see the bill of lading?Whether to accept L/C terms of payment by L/C?

If you accept T/T way, how many percentage to the production cost of recycling companies or up to 80% of the cost of the company?

If you accept payment by l/c, the company can beat the how much cash flow pressure, resistance to how long?

Clear the company's ability to resist risks, for the determination of backbone when foreign trade salesman quotation and negotiation of payment is very important, also is to let the company can avoid foreign trade risk early.

Companies must have foreign currency account to use big orders receipts, small sample fee boss private account receipts are available, and foreign currency accounts must be quick query whether payment to the account.

Sixth, to ensure the production quality and schedule shipment on time

To ensure that the production department attaches great importance to orders from the foreign trade department, even single sample must be sufficient attention, any out of the product from the company on behalf of the company and the image of the boss, on behalf of the state of face, to do well is face to the nation.The export products is a great honour.

Production of foreign trade under the single to production, production merchandiser must strictly audit, determine whether the production process will produce difficulties, production time whether can complete according to customer's request, have any questions as soon as possible and confirm to the foreign trade of the ministry of foreign trade salesman and customer communication.

Make a circuit during the production of foreign trade salesman, corresponding to the customer request to check the problem in the process of production, early find problems and solve, production inspection personnel strict testing product, nip the problems in the initial state, in order to avoid big goods production is completed time rework losses caused to the company.

Customer's LOGO, shipping mark, need according to the requirements of production of single production, product packaging must be neat and beautiful.

From the department of foreign trade orders must be strictly done on time.

Seven, develop foreign trade team, consolidate old customers, develop new markets

After one and a half years of experience, and constantly sum up experience, according to the customer in the first year of turnover, and the number of potential intention client, set performance targets for the second year, got the basic data for the first year, second year target to set up more objective reality, also easy to implement.

In the second year you need to add a new staff to form a foreign trade team, let the backbone of the salesman in charge of foreign trade team training, experience sharing, drive the new salesman to study market development skills, Shared the work of the backbone of the salesman arrangement, let the backbone salesman can focus on investment to maintain old customer and take big clients, and custom of foreign trade business development plan.

But in the second year after the new salesman mature with backbone salesman exhibition, so as to exercise participation experience, in the third year can send its separate exhibition open up new markets for the company to new areas.

To take three years to the old with the new mode, and constantly strengthen the team power of foreign trade, foreign trade team to create more profits for the company.